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 General Local Government Information

The City of Locust Grove is one of over 500 municipalities in the State of Georgia. Every city, town, or hamlet has a written charter of municipal incorporation approved by the Georgia General Assembly. In Georgia, there is no legal distinction between municipalities incorporated as cities, towns, hamlets, or villages. Locust Grove was incorporated as a city in 1893.

In addition to a charter of municipal incorporation, all cities must have a municipal charter. This document is the "backbone" of the municipality's governmental structure, corporate boundaries, and governmental powers.  An individual city's governmental powers may vary. Locust Grove's governmental powers include:

  • planning and zoning
  • appropriation and expenditures
  • water and sewer services
  • police/public safety
  • nuisance abatement
  • environmental protections
  • street construction and maintenance
  • taxation and fee collection

...and many more as authorized or required under the constitution and laws of the State of Georgia