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Stormwater Utility MS4 Phase II

The City of Locust Grove was recently designated as a Phase II (under 10,000 in population) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) due to the fact of our population from the 2010 Census and the existence of one or more streams listed as impaired on the 303(d) List (Brown Branch). The city realized after 2002 that there would be more regulations placed on the city in terms of protecting the environment, and thus the city began putting in place ordinances to address water pollution, culminating in the formation of a stormwater utility in 2008. The city has a department under Public Works designated to work on the initial setup of the MS4 utility, including GIS mapping and inventory of drainage structures as well as water quality monitoring and inspection of our stormwater infrastructure (i.e., pipes, culverts, drainage ditches and ponds) for eventual maintenance.

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