Protect yourself and others: take precautions against COVID-19.

Practice proper hand-washing and use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. Maintain a six (6) foot distance from others and avoid large gatherings when possible. Avoid touching the face or shaking hands. Disinfect frequently-touched surfaces such as doorknobs and handrails. Stay home if you are sick.

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Reopen Main Street

Post Date:04/29/2020 4:45 PM

reopen mainstreet


Looking for strategies and ideas to safely reopen your small business?

 Go to for details on how to start getting on track toward the "new normal" while the risk of COVID-19 continues. 

This site includes in-depth information for retailers, food and beverage sales, organizations, services, and attractions. 


 Examples from the retail page include tips and ideas such as: 

Enhance your customer’s comfort level.

  • Make liberal use of signs, decals, placards, counter displays, etc. to communicate to customers the health and safety measures you are taking to keep employees and customers safe.
Promote social distancing and good hygiene.
  • Work to ensure in-store social distancing and good hygiene measures are visible to customers. For example:
  • Plexiglass at the checkout counter
  • Signage reminding customers to maintain a 6-foot cushion
  • Markings on the floor to show six feet of separation
  • Hand sanitizers on counters
  • The use of colorful/customized face masks and gloves, etc.
  • Even after regulatory social distancing measures and guidelines are eased or rescinded, it’s highly likely that customers will be hesitant, at best, to intermingle or engage with crowds. As a good business practice, be ready to maintain and promote social distancing and good hygiene measures well after guidelines are in force.
 Devise a plan for limiting access.
  • Develop a plan to limit access to your business to maintain social distancing spacing and gatherings of 10 people or less, or per state or municipal guidelines in force. Like other social distancing measures, consider maintaining practices even after regulatory requirements lapse to enhance your customers’ comfort level.


Start with soft openings and VIP events.

  • Use VIP special invite events and RSVP limited-attendance soft openings to welcome back customers, experiment with changes, and solicit customer feedback and suggestions.
Use and maximize appointments.

  • Consider offering before- and after-hours private or semi-private (i.e. one customer per staff member on duty) shopping appointments, and give customers the chance to schedule appointments by telephone or online.

Promote hand-washing and sanitization stations.

  • Open your restroom and invite and encourage customers to use the facilities for hand-washing; and/or place hand santitizers at entrances, on counters, and at other strategic locations.



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