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Public Works

The Department of Public Works provides a number of vital services to residents of the City of Locust Grove. The department's responsibilities include management of all water and sewage activities, maintenance of city facilities, and coordination of trash pick up and recycling. Residents are provided a single consolidated bill for services on a monthly basis. Payments can be made by mail, by drop off in front of the Municipal Building, or in person at the Water Department at City Hall.

The Public Works Department is headed by Jack Rose, Director of the Department and consists of Utilities Manager (Contractor Currently), a Stormwater Utility Manager (Vacant), and a Public Works Manager (Brandon Combs). Additionally there are several persons in this department overseeing water and sewer services, billing, and maintenance of city streets and drainage facilities. Curbside waste collection is handled via a contract with Advanced Disposal.

The Public Works Facility is located at 100 - 104 Mose Brown Drive, at the intersection of Mose Brown Drive and Davis Lake Road. This new location is a culmination of a 2-year construction project to relocate them from the historic downtown for the construction of the Trailhead Park and Parking Facility. This new campus is larger with more space to accommodate growth and to provide modern facilities to Public Works, which has enlarged over the years to incorporate Stormwater Maintenance and GIS. The Solid Waste Collection Site is now open adjacent to the campus on Mose Brown Drive.

Latest Notices and News:

Price for Water, Sewer, and Trash Pickup to increase January 1, 2013. There is a scheduled increase in water and sanitary sewer rates on January 1, 2013 of 2% as part of an ongoing program to properly match revenues to expenditures, including capital items. Also, Trash Pickup rates will increase 50 cents for the typical residential customer. Additional increases will affect commercial customers. The move is to balance our needs for trash pickup as well as adjust for fuel costs locally. Additionally, increase will fund improved service for leave and chipping services, including a new chipping machine.

Bulk Pickup Dates for 2014. For 2014, the bulk pickup dates for the items permitted is March 22, 2014 and then will follow with normal trash pickup beginning in April, 2014. March 22 is on a Saturday, with the rest to fall on the normal trash pickup day. To be sure for collection, please place out at the curb the day prior to the pickup, as they often start early the day of the pickup. Note that items NOT PERMITTED include: Auto/Truck Tires, Auto/Truck Parts, Batteries of any kind, Paint (including empty paint cans), Pesticides, Yard Trimmings, Household Trash (food, beverages and the like normally generated in a household), or any type of Construction Debris (lumber, drywall, shingles, etc.). Also, please be mindful of others when placing items out so that all can benefit from the pickup. Excessive amounts of bulk items placed at a single residence may not be fully serviced to be fair and equitable to all citizens. NOTE: if items are stacked in a manner that are beyond the weight limit for a person to life from the disposal company, then items will be left. This weight limit is generally between 50 pounds and is based on the total amount of the container holding the debris/trash. 

Utility Connection Deposit Increased. Effective December 6, 2010, the required deposit for water and/or sewer service is $200.00. This increase of $50 is due to increased losses of water and sewer services and is consistent with other municipalities and Henry County Water and Sewerage Authority.

Leak Detection Inspection for New Service. Effective December 6, 2010, there is now a required inspection for leaks upon request for connection to the city's water system. If discovered, the service will be disconnected and the tenant or landlord shall be contacted and given the opportunity to correct the leak prior to any accumulation of a high water/sewer bill. A reinspection fee of $20.00 will be required to restore service.

Beginning March 1, 2011. Revised Billing procedure for cutting off service to delinquent customers. Check for newsletter in February. Timing is reduced from current maximum of seventy (70) days to fifty (50) days in the billing cycle. See NEWSLETTER.

Services rendered by this Department include:

Water and Sewer

Water Supply

Sewage Treatment Facilities

Indian Creek WPCP (SBR) 1.5 million gallons per day
Indian Creek WPCP (SBR) 1.5 million gallons per day

The city opened the much anticipated Indian Creek Water Pollution Control Plant on December 1, 2005. The new facility has retired the older treatment plants and will serve Locust Grove's citizens well into the future. The new plant has a current treatment capacity of 1.5 million gallons of wastewater daily. The plant utilizes state of the art technology that will ensure impact of stream waters will be minimal. The city will be glad to give educational tours to citizen and civic groups alike. For more information contact the plant at 770-957-5043.

Water and Sanitary Sewer Specifications and Standards

Trash and Recycling

Curbside trash pick up is provided once weekly for residential dwellings and twice weekly for businesses. Bulk items, Rubbish and White Goods must be brought to the Rubbish Collection Station at the new Public Works site at 100 Mose Brown Drive (recycle center also now open at that location) Wednesday and Saturday of each week. Pick up of yard trash including large organic items such as tree limbs must be coordinated in advance by calling city hall. All yard trash must be bagged or placed in some form of container. On the designated disposal day, residents are responsible for moving the items to curbside and ensuring that items are in small enough pieces (up to 8inches in diameter) to be placed into a chipper. This service is free for jobs taking less than 15 minutes.

Residents will be charged for larger disposal jobs. Please inquire with the Department of Public Works if you desire an estimate in advance. Currently, additional recycling initiatives are being considered and instructions will be forthcoming shortly to residents. NOTE: As of June 23, 2010, Advanced Disposal will only empty one (1) 95-gallon cart that was provide by their company unless your household or business is paying for multiple carts. Therefore, Advanced Disposal will not be emptying personal cans or disposing of any other household garbage that is not placed inside the Advanced Disposal cart. If you would like to purchase additional cart service, please contact City Hall at (770) 957-5043.

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